Textures and Tones

On a recent day that began very overcast, I visited Mount Rainier National Park. There are several rivers in the park, and the Nisqually is one of them.


Here it is a very narrow, shallow ribbon cutting through a rocky bed. You can see the low clouds over the valley.


These were shot in color, but I have converted them to black & white, to focus on the patterns in the water and colors and patterns in the rocks.


The tone of the water reminds me of chocolate milk.

These views were shot from a bridge over the river.





My Photo in Gallery Exhibition

I am pleased to be part of the June exhibition, Framed: Landscape and Architecture, at the Black Box Gallery in Portland, Oregon.

My photo, Columbia River, is on view in the online Annex gallery.


The photo features the Vantage Bridge, which was built in 1962, replacing an older one spanning the part of the river called Wanapum Lake, in Washington.

Miller_Columbia River Vantage Bridge