The Snail Wins

I was pleased to learn that one of my photos had been published in the fall issue of Shots magazine, the quarterly journal of black & white photography. I had not caught up with all my issues.

While watching the Academy Awards, I discovered my own award! Each issue has a theme, and this one was Journey. I submitted 8 images and this one was chosen. Not only that, it graces the centerfold! I am honored.

I believe I took this photo in my front yard one summer morning. A humble snail making its way. The original is in color, but the magazine is all B&W.

Original color
Joan_Miller_Snail Trail
Published version



Published by

Joan E. Miller

I live in the amazing Pacific Northwest. I'm a writer, photographer, birder, nature lover. I'm also a gardener, of food, flowers and shrubs.

8 thoughts on “The Snail Wins”

  1. Wow! Congratulations Joan… nice shot with a story as well. I always contend that for a photo to be “successful” it needs to inspire a story in the viewer’s mind…


    1. I know. I felt so silly. I had not realized my photo was in there. I thought they might have emailed me to let me know it was chosen. But I guess they don’t do that.


      1. I agree with you, I find it odd that they didn’t somehow let you know about your photo. Anyway, good that you found out in the end. 🌺


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